Welcome to the world of hearing and believing.
Individuals have been deprived of reading due to various reasons.
A. Poverty and illiteracy.
Busy schedules and laziness.
C. Lack of appropriate assistive technology assential for a person with a disability, particularly a visual disability.
Just the way seeing is believing, similarly for a person with a visual disability hearing is believing.
How would it be to have a reader asa multi tasker? What if this reader could not only read out an article from a news paper, a story from a book but could
also help with your studies on a daily basis?
Here is what we have. We the members of Recording club have created a one stop platform a variety of story books, school and university level study material
and newspapers such as The Hindu, The Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar etc.
Our books and news papers are available in English and Hindi depending on the need of our visually challenged friends.
Type of format available
Keeping in mind the needs of a visually challenged we have material which is accessable not only in the form of audios but also in the form of a pdf that
can be red with the help of a TTS.
To know more stay tuned!